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We would love to play for you!

Let us know your idea or vision, and together we can arrange for a concert or event of your wishes. Our repertoire is wide, and a good fit for any audience, no matter age or music taste. Our experience with working with orchestras, conductors, venues and other collaboration partners has been nothing but pleasant
(we have reason to believe it’s also been the other way around)

Get in touch with some details, and let’s book your next arrangement!

Older lady wearing a traditional sweater with patterns, listening to the orchestra with the rest of the audience

Would you like to play with us?

Wether you’re pursuing a career within music or not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about becoming a member. In BUKO, the quality and professionalism is our main focus, but we value our group dynamic and the person sitting behind the sound. 

We strive for you to always evolve musically and evnemssig, but BUKO is also a place where you meet similuar minded friends and colleages for lifetime. Not to mention, the chance you get to play with important soloists and orchestra, all over the world!

Let us know some details, and we will get back to you shortly!